Euanthe Mix by DJ Montana (techno)

Time for a new mix. This time it’s an all vinyls mix for the summer dancefloors.



Axel Karakasis – Solstice – Remain Records

Greenbeam & Leon – Splitsound02 – Splitsound

Housebreaker & Blue Noise – Blunt (Blue Noise remix) – Oblong

Rino Cerrone – Solution – Unrilis Records

Dandi &Ugo – Born To Run – Shadow Fax

Markantonio & Joseph Capriati – Joseph 1000 Volts – Analytic Trail

Axel Karakasis – Piranha – Remain Records

Edy C – Sex on the Beach (Dejan Milicevic RMC) – Trancentral

Dee Green – City Lights (Alex Bau remix) – Dmom

Axel Karakasis – Mi Hermano – Remain Records



~ by djmontana on July, 2012.

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