Sinope Mix (techhouse)

Welcome to a new year of electronic music. The first mix of 2011 is ready. This time it’s an all cd mix and the style is techhouse. Enjoy listening to the sounds of Jupiter’s moon Sinope.

Tracklist Sinope Mix by DJ Montana.

Chokko – More – Deep X

Fuzzion – Casual Miracle – Boshke Beats

Lovebirds – Pad Me – Knee Deep

Emanuele Di Sante – Mekong – Revolucion

Daniel Mehlhart – Deep Crazy Synth

Andy Kohlmann – Pesetas

Rene Breitbart – Bounce – Deep Data

Niederflur – 7,4 – Little Helpers

Jonas Wahrlich and Carbon – Knockenzuengler

Holger Zielske – Te Guardo Una Tarde de Sol – Factor City

Big Soup – Frozen Trees

Brtschitsch – Clamper – Rootknox



~ by djmontana on January, 2011.

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